Portable Semi Trailer Storage
  1. Can I store a car or truck? No, we do not store vehicles anymore.
  2. Can I store a RV older than year 2000? No
  3. Do you have electricity, and an RV dump? No Electricity – The closest RV Dump is Chatfield State Park.
  4. Where can I purchase propane? Closest place to us is Sedalia.
  5. Where can I get my RV repaired? Stop in at the office. Check out our bulletin board for businesses that do repairs.
  6. I have a flat tire, do you have an air bubble so I can fill up my tire? No air bubble, but we do have air at the garage near the office your welcome to use.
  7. My battery is dead. We have a portable charge unit at the office. Stop in the office to check it out.
  8. Can I do maintenance to our RV at my space? No
  9. Are the markers the indicator of where I should back up to? N No, each row divided differently. You will always be parked correctly if you pull your hitch to just behind the white front line. That will give you and your neighbor plenty of space. Some rows are pull thru units so there is no issue with where you stop within the row.
  10. Can I get a refund for prepaid rent? No, prepaid rent is non-refundable.
  11. How tall are your Containers? The smaller units 8 x 5’s – 8 x 20’s are all 8’ tall inside. The 8 x 40’s have a 9’ ceiling.
  12. How tall are your Trailers? The trailers are approximately 8’-9’ depending on the trailer selected. Trailers sits 3-4 feet off the ground. Clearance for the Trailer to be placed on customer’s property for loading is 14’.
  13. Are your Trailers water proof? All our trailers are inspected for leaks before a new rental. Condensation can be an issue. It is recommended that when packing to wrap furniture and bedding in plastic and cover everything with plastic after it is packed. These trailers are not air tight so dust may be an issue. Protect your valuables. We have a hand out in the office for further suggestions.
  14. Are there transportation fees for the Trailers? Yes, transportation fees are calculated by mileage. Call the office for estimates on these fees.
  15. Can I move your Trailer myself? No, our insurance does not allow for other parties to hook up to our trailers.
  16. Can you deliver a trailer to downtown Denver? No.
  17. Can you deliver a Trailer outside of the Denver/Metro area? Yes, there are many areas we deliver. Call the office with a destination to see if we can accommodate you.
  18. SPECIAL PRECAUSTIONS: We always recommend that no food be stored in RV’s, Trailers or Containers. Place appropriate critter control devices in you units. It has been reported that placing fabric softener sheets between bedding and under cushions is helpful. We have instruction sheets for anyone who would like a copy.
  19. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIALS? Yes we have monthly specials – See us on Facebook or call the office for current special we are running.